122 Center Street - William Sheehy House

This 1-1/2 story vernacular house is rectangular in plan. The foundation is undetermined as the foundation is skirted. The gable roof is covered with composition shingles and is pierced with large shed dormers. The north façade has a hipped roof bay window. The walls are clad in drop siding grounded with by a water table with cap and foundation skirt. The dormer walls are clad with wood shingles. Windows are primarily 1/1 wood double-hung and 3/1 wood double-hung. The front porch is a corner inset porch. Single story gable roof additions have been added to the rear (east) façade.

Statement of Significance: William and James Sheehy purchased the property from Johnson in October of 1889 and the house was likely constructed on their behalf. In 1904, Sheehy sold the property to Ludwig Hartha and his wife, who in turn, sold to Philip B. Lerwill three years later. The property changed hands numerous times by 1918, when it was acquired by Harry B. and Laura Smith. Although they may have initially used it as a rental, by 1941 the couple was living in the house. In 1950, the property was sold to Ella and Wesley Edwards, who owned it for eleven years. By 1953, they were renting the house to Peter A. Grand, who worked at Crown Zellerbach and his wife Joyce. The property was deeded to the Grands in 1961, who then sold it to Emil and Verna Iszler in 1964. Mr. Iszler was a laborer for the SP Company who lived with his wife in this house.