204 Jefferson Street - Frank and Annie Busch House

This two-story Queen Anne of a complex plan sits high above the street. It features original spindle work in the gables and at the porch. Two chamfered corners allow for a pendant and decorative brackets. There is a bay with a hipped roof, and a shed-roof porch with spindle railings and columns, and lattice skirting. The main porch window features a 1/1 fixed pane with a leaded upper light. Other windows are 1/1 wood doublehung. The entry door is multi-paneled and has one light. The gables feature fishscale shingles, and there is a ridge chimney. A water table with cap protects the basalt foundation. The house sits on a double lot with mature trees on all sides.

Statement of Significance: This was the house of Frank Busch (1858-1939) and his wife Annie (1866-1960). Born in Germany, Frank Busch came to Oregon in 1883, joining his family who had settled in Oregon City. He founded the Busch Furniture Company and became one of Oregon City's most prominent businessmen. The Busch Furniture Company occupied a warehouse, factory and retail outlet in Oregon City. Busch also erected Busch Hall, the Busch Apartments and the Busch Dock in the commercial district, and fourteen houses in and around the McLoughlin District. He was one of the original incorporators of the Willamette Valley Southern Railroad, and served as its chairman and on the Board of Directors. In 1890, he married Annie Heitkemper, the daughter of a pioneer Portland businessman. They had three children. Busch owned the property from 1897-1919, selling the house to Royal Trullinger, a rural Post Office carrier. Trullinger owned the house until 1944, when Jess and Dorothy Gutzler bought the house. Jess worked for Publishers Paper, and the Gutzlers had two sons, Charles and Thomas. The family occupied the house through the remainder of the historic period, with Dorothy living alone in the house after Jess' death sometime between 1960 and 1962.