210 Bluff Street - Pearl T. Hinman Residence

This side gabled bungalow features a small dormer on the west elevation, centered above a full width recessed porch. The pitch of the main gable is slightly shallower over this porch, where the eave is supported by a series of slender turned columns that are slightly tapered. The porch is surrounded by a modest stick balustrade, and the south end of the porch has been enclosed with latticework. The main gable and dormer feature open eaves with decorative barge moldings. The house is entirely clad with horizontal lap siding, finished with cornerboards. The windows are all 1/1 double-hung wood sash with wide board trim, and some windows have seen the addition of aluminum storm windows. A small metal chimney penetrates the roof just east of the main ridge, probably a replacement of the original brick chimney.


Statement of Significance: This house, which appears on the 1911 Sanborn Insurance Map, was reportedly constructed for Pearl T. Hinman