812 9th Street - Arden Cheney Rental

This single story vernacular has a rectangular plan that rests on a concrete foundation. The front facing gable roof, and the shed additions to the rear, are covered in composition shingles. The residence is clad in asbestos shingles, although some vertical board appears on the back addition. Windows are primarily wood 1/1 double-hung, with some multi-pane and aluminum slider windows on the rear. Decorative features include the interior chimney, frieze, and narrow corner boards. Alterations include the two shed roof additions to the rear and some window replacement.


Statement of Significance: This house and 812 Jefferson were purchased in 1892 by Arden Cheney, the publisher of the Oregon City Courier and the Courier-Herald. Later, he bought and published the Canby Independent. Cheney was a Civil War veteran.