812 John Adams Street - Elizabeth Clarke House

This majestic 1930 Georgian style house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its rectangular shaped plan is clad with brick, with stucco on the north and south elevations. The house is capped with a gabled roof, which is clad with hand thrown tile and retains the original gutters (per owner). Typical of the Georgian style, the front façade is bi-laterally symmetrical with and elaborately decorated main entrance. The principal window type is a 6/6 wood double-hung with lamb’s tongue detailing and 8/12 wood double-hung windows with paneling below at main level of the front facade. Windows on the second level are 8/8 wood double-hung. At the rear elevation, 4/6 single-hung operable windows are present with 6/6 wood double-hung windows on the upper level. Wood paneling exists below windows on the rear façade. Evidence of the brick being painted remains, which has since been removed via sandblasting. The exterior brick cladding is a running bond brick veneer with header and sailor belt courses at the bottom of the sill below the second story windows. A brick soldier header course is present above the second story windows. A porch resides on the north elevation and per the owner there is a full basement. Massive chimneys exist on the north and south elevations. Alterations include the replacement of the kitchen windows (per owner). An attached garage is present just off the south elevation and retains its original porthole window.

Statement of Significance: In 1929, Elizabeth Clarke purchased two lots in this block and is responsible for the construction of the residence. It was designed by Morris H. Whitehouse, a prominent architect in the Portland area, who had the original colored fixtures for the house shipped from New York. Clark resided at the property until its sale in 1936 to Otto T. and Erna Hogg, who were the proprietors of Hogg Brothers Furniture on Main Street. The couple continued to own and occupy the house until its sale to Horace and Evangeline Bachelder in 1963. Reverend Bachelder, who preached at the Atkinson Memorial Congregation Church, lived here with his family until the early 1970s. This property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.