901 6th Street - Phillips/Miller House

This house has two main wings, both sitting under gable roofs. The western portion of the house sits under a gable that runs north-south, and a one story wing runs to the east from this 1-1/2 story wing. On the south side, a recessed porch exists at the junction between the two wings, where the eave is supported by slender square columns with scroll cut brackets at the eave. A plain balustrade has been added between these columns. The house is clad with asbestos ceramic shingles, and the gables feature enclosed eaves above the wide rake and frieze boards. The windows are predominantly 1/1 double-hung wood sash, but 4/4 windows exist as well. The windows are typically surrounded by plain board trim. A concrete retaining wall surrounds the lot on the north, south, and west sides.


Statement of Significance: The Oregon Territory sold the property (Lots 1-8) to Clackamas County in 1855. The County sold Lots 5 and 6 to Laura E. Phillips in 1889. The brother of the original owner, Ferdinand C. Miller, probably built the house that same year. Miller was an early Oregon City carpenter. Later, Mr. Miller lived with Mrs. Phillips and another sister. He took his own life in the rear of the house. Laura Phillips sold the house to Edith L. Clouse in 1892. It was purchased by Ferdinand C. Miller et al. in 1903, and sold by Bessie Miller in 1961 to James and Theresa Foley who lived there until 1985.