902 S. McLoughlin Blvd. - John Coburn Residence c.1865

Statement of Significance: John Coburn, a boat carpenter, was born in Ohio in 1831. In 1856 he married Catherine Scott in Clackamas County; Mrs. Coburn being the daughter of the pioneer Scott family, a sister of Harvey Scott, author and long-time editor of "The Oregonian," and relation by marriage of her sisters to the pioneer McCord family and the Latourette family of Oregon City. The Coburns had four daughters. Coburn contracted an illness and died in 1868, leaving his wife to support the children. Catherine then became the teacher at the Canemah school. She served as associated editor of "The Oregonian" from 1888 to 1913. The house is significant for its age/architecture, and associatio with Catherine Coburn.