How to Know if You Need a Tree Removal Permit

Though the City does not encourage removal of trees, sometimes it is necessary.

Always check first! In general, however, if you need to remove a tree growing on a privately owned, single family residential lot, you can, unless one or more of the following situations exists:

  • the tree removal will occur within a required vegetated stream buffer protected by the Natural Resource Overlay District.
  • the tree removal will destabilize a steep slope or geological hazard regulated by the Geological Hazard Overlay District.
  • the tree removal affects an approved landscaping plan, such as for an apartment complex.
  • The tree is protected by a recorded covenant, landscape easement or other legal document.

The City of Oregon City protects our urban forest by reviewing a tree removal permit for trees on public property, on historically designated land or in environmentally sensitive areas. Before you begin your project, please review the following information guide to see if the tree you would like to remove requires a permit. In most cases, replacement of trees is required. Please feel free to contact the Planning Division at (503) 722-3789 for additional information.

If a permit is required, please complete the Street Tree Removal Permit Application (with attached replacement plan).