Master (Concept) Plan

What is a Master (Concept) Plan?

A master plan is a two-step process that includes a Master (Concept) Plan and a detailed development plan.

The Master (Concept) Plan incorporates the entire area where development is planned in the next five to twenty years, including the identification of one or more development phases.   This includes an analysis of future development impacts, thresholds for mitigation and mitigation improvements and implementation schedules.  A threshold for mitigation is the point that determines when or where a mitigation improvement will be required. Examples of "thresholds" include vehicle trips, square feet of impervious surface area, water usage measured in gallons per minute, construction of a building within a general development plan and construction of a building within a certain distance of a residential lot.

Mitigation improvements are improvements that will be made or constructed by an institution when a threshold for mitigation is reached. Examples include road dedication, intersection improvement, road widening, construction of a stormwater or water quality facility, installation of vegetative buffering and wetland restoration or enhancement.

The Detailed Development Plan implements the Master (Concept) Plan with construction of buildings or other development.

How Do I Find Out More About My Property?

The City's website has a variety or resources available including Property Reports and an online mapping system.  You may also call the Planning Division at 503.722.3789.

Oregon City Municipal Code Criteria:
In addition to the zoning designation and any special requests, such as Variances, the following chapters of the Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) are applicable to Master (Concept) Plan: 

OCMC 17.50 – Administrative Processes
OCMC 17.65 - Master Plans  

The criteria for Detailed Development Plans include Chapter 17.65 of the Oregon City Municipal Code as well as the criteria and processes in the Site Plan and Design Review process.

The 2017 Planning applications and fees include:

  • Master (Concept) Plan: See Fee Sheet      
  • Pre-Application Conference: $1,068      
  • Mailing Labels: $16 – or provided by applicant
  • Transportation Analysis: Cost depends on location, size and traffic impact of proposal 

Note that additional fees are required from other departments, agencies and consultants.

Review Process: Master (Concept) Plan applications are processed as a Type II or III Land Use applications. Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed for completeness purposes within 30 days.  Upon a complete application submittal, the applicant is entitled to a decision from the city for a decision of approval, approval with conditions or denial within 120 days of deeming the application complete, by state law. Type II decisions are rendered by the Community Development Director, with appeal on the record to the City Commission, and then onto LUBA.  Type III decisions include a staff recommendation and a decision by our 7 member Planning Commission, with appeal on the record to the City Commission, and then onto LUBA.