What We Do

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    The Planning Division is responsible for all long range and current planning as well as the implementation of the Oregon City Comprehensive Plan and associated Municipal Ordinances.

    Planners help to shape cities, they help determine how communities will grow and how they will adjust to change. Their contribution to the design and development of communities is to bring together data, citizens’ ideas and opinions, civic leaders’ goals, and good planning practice into a deliberative process of community decision making.
    Planners identify the problems facing the community, focusing in particular on the physical, built environment. Planning is not an isolated activity; rather, it involves all segments of the community. Planners help create the process by which residents, business people, mayors and city council members, and advocates work together to create a vision for the community, the goals the community wishes to achieve for itself, and the actions it will take to reach the goals.
    Most development in Oregon City requires some planning review. Larger development applications such as multi-family projects, subdivisions, new office/retail building as well as smaller development projects such as additions to single family homes and new detached garages require review by the Planning Division prior to receiving building permits. If a planning action is required, a staff report is provided after the applicant has met with staff in a pre-application conference. The "pre-app" provides the applicant with a cursory review of the project from all City departments to determine the requirements for each department.
    For additional information on the planning process, please feel free to give us a call at (503) 722-3789 to get you started in the right direction.