Erosion & Sediment Control

Sediment laden stormwater being contained at a catch basin

Oregon City recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and providing for the long-term stewardship of our natural resources. When land is disturbed at a construction site, the erosion rate may increase significantly. Proper planning and use of erosion control prevention measures can reduce the impact of human-caused erosion.  

In an effort to protect our water resources, erosion control plans are required for construction projects that measure greater than 500 square feet in area. The applicant must obtain an erosion and sediment control permit prior to, or contemporaneous with, the approval of an application for any building, land use or other city-issued permit that may cause visible or measurable erosion.  

Erosion and Sediment Control Permits are issued in accordance with adopted "Erosion and Sediment Control" standards per Ordinance 99-1013, the language of which is contained in City Code 17.47 that defines policies, minimum requirements, minimum standards, and design procedures for erosion prevention and sediment control in Oregon City.  In addition, the City adopted use of the Clackamas County Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual as modified by Oregon City Addendum.  The manual and addendum were adopted by the City Commission on May 20, 2015, through Resolution 15-14. 

Erosion & Sediment Control Permits are issued by the City of Oregon City Public Works Department's Erosion Control Program Manager upon approval of the Erosion and Sediment Control plan for the project. 

Two application forms are available below.  One for Single Family Residential Erosion Control and another for all other types of development.  Both have the current fees listed on the application.  If the applicant or contractor who is going to be the site steward has an erosion control certification, there is a lower fee as indicated on the forms.

The link to the Clackamas County Erosion Prevention Planning and Design Manual is also listed.

For inspections of erosion control measures, call John Burrell at 503.657.0891 or by email at

THE WRONG WAY:  Nonvegetated slope.


THE RIGHT WAY:  Exposed soil with covering.

THE WRONG WAY:  Sediment draining to catch basin.


THE RIGHT WAY:  Biobags stopping sediments at catch basins.