Main Street: 10th Street to 15th Street - Main Street Connective Corridor Phase 2

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CI 12-002
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Capital Improvement
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TBD - Attempting to Obtain Grant Funding
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Main Street
97045 Oregon City
Two Rivers

This project would be the second phase in Oregon City’s Main Street Connective Corridor Project. The first phase Main Street: 5th Street to 10th Street was completed in 2012. That project included new curbs, sidewalks, lighting, pedestrian crossings, street trees, rain gardens, bicycle parking, bollards, parking meters, and public art. This Phase 2 project would build on the successful first phase, with similar design elements and construction. As with the first phase, this project would fill gaps in multi-modal infrastructure - linking modes and nodes to provide a safer and more inviting corridor for all users.


This project would accommodate drivers, pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists in the following ways:


∙        Pedestrian crossings, curbs, sidewalks, ADA-compliant curb ramps and driveways that are continuous, safe and accessible to all users

∙        Energy-efficient, pedestrian-level LED lighting along the corridor to create a safe, inviting environment for all users

∙        Street furnishings to serve all users, including new street trees with tree well pavers, mid-block solar electronic parking meters, bicycle parking racks, refuse containers, benches, public art, and wayfinding pavers

∙        Safety enhancements to existing pedestrian crossings, new pedestrian crossings, and new bicycle parking facilities near the transit center to improve connectivity and safety for pedestrians, bicycles, transit users, and drivers

∙        Access and safety improvements at the Oregon City Transit Center in downtown Oregon City, with sidewalk and bus stop improvements for full ADA accessibility, bike parking, illumination, and other safety measures including more open sight lines for vehicles and pedestrians


In order to better serve transportation users and improve economic development within Oregon City, connectivity within multi-modal transportation systems must be improved between the City’s north end downtown business district to the regional transit center, as well as between our downtown core and future access to the Willamette Falls Riverwalk. Bike & pedestrian routes linking the commercial waterfront, trails and future Riverwalk should be physically linked, safe and accessible to all users. The Transit Center needs improvements to safety and access in order to accommodate increased ridership driven by growing regional and local activity. This will complete the connective corridor stitching together state and regional transit systems that converge in Oregon City’s 171 year-old downtown.


Oregon City Public Works relies heavily on grant funds and most of our department's recent construction projects have been completed using grant funds including The Jughandle, Main Street Phase 1 Roadway Improvements, McLoughlin Boulevard Enhancement and Warner Milne Road from Beavercreek to Molalla, just to name a few. Oregon City does not have a funding source to complete any of these projects on its own. By utilizing grant funds, we are able to realize tremendous savings on local taxpayer money and help reduce the need for rate hikes.

Project Contacts
Dayna Webb Project Engineer 503-974-5508
John Lewis Public Works Director 503-496-1545
Status Updates

February 1, 2016:  The Region 1 Area Commission on Transportation met and reviewed the 150% Enhance Ranking List and voted to forward the projects ranked 1 through 5 and 17 for future funding consideration. 


* * *


November 2015:  The City submitted a STIP Enhance ( Grant Application for Phase 2 of our Main Street Connective Corridor Project.