Meyers Road Extension Corridor Plan

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CI 14-012
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Capital Improvement
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Spring - Summer, 2015
97045 Oregon City


Oregon City is moving forward with an alternatives analysis for the extension of Meyers Road from High School Road to Hwy 213. 

The City has hired a transportation engineering consultant, David Evans and Associates, to document the existing conditions in the area and to develop up to three alternatives for the alignment of the Meyers Road extension.   The extension of the road serves many purposes including:



  • Relieving congestion on Glen Oak Road;
  • Providing a new access through the area to foster future development of land parcels adjacent to the road; and
  • Providing access for a soon-to-be-built bus barn near the high school for the Oregon City School District, a future park at the corner of High School Road and Glen Oak Road, and an additional access (from the south) to Clackamas Community College.


Initial interviews with potentially impacted property owners have been conducted and staff also met with the Caulfield Neighborhood Association in April to gather feedback to help in the development of alternatives.  Using agreed upon criteria, the Meyers Road Project Management Team (PMT) will select preferred alternatives and staff will present them to key stakeholders and the neighborhoods later this summer. The Meyers Road PMT will then choose a recommended alternative to present to the Transportation Advisory Committee on July 21st and the City’s Planning Commission this fall.


This alternatives analysis is being undertaken and funded through a cooperative agreement between the City of Oregon City, the Oregon City School District and Clackamas Community College.


Project Contacts
John Lewis Public Works Director 503-496-1545
Martin Montalvo Public Works Operations Manager 503-657-8241
Status Updates

Meyers Road Extension Alternatives (OREGON CITY)

(Linking Education and the Community)



The Project design team will identify up to three potential alignments for the new extension.  Based on discussions with the Meyers Road Project Management Team, property owners and stakeholders, the following selection criteria (in addition to engineering criteria for functionality, and safety) will be applied when reviewing and selecting the different alignment and design alternatives of the Meyers Road extension.



Consistent with current regional plans (TSP, RTP, School District, Parks, CCC Masterplan)

Meet street functional classification requirements

Provide options for connecting to (future) Loder Road extension

Maximize multimodal opportunities

Design maximizes safety for all modes

Be cost effective

Provide access to (future) park

Optimize access to adjacent properties

Minimize environmental impacts (generally measured by acres of impacts)

Consider the objectives of all stakeholders

Maximize developable land and minimize land remnants


Upcoming Meetings:


Oregon City School Board Meeting - July 20, 2015


Caufield Neighborhood Association - July 28, 2015


Gaffney Lane Neighborhood Association - July 30, 3015


Planning Commission Hearing Meeting - August 24, 2015


City Commission Meeting, Work Session - September 8, 2015