Madison Street and 14th Street to Division Street Sewer Project

Project ID: 
CI 15-004
Project Type:
Capital Improvement
Project Contact Information: 

Jonathan Archibald at 503.657.0891 or

Project Status: 
Project Dates: 
Construction: October to December, 2015: Finalizing project in 2016
Project Budget: 
Design & Inspection: $135,000 & Construction: $550,000
97045 Oregon City


The project includes sewer improvements including:  

  • 12th Street — Replacement of 346 feet of existing gravity sewer in Madison Street from 11th to 12th Street, and 550 feet of existing gravity sewer in Barclay Park near Jefferson Street and 12th Street.
  • 13th Street — Replacement of 1,010 feet of existing gravity sewer in 13th Street and Buchanan Street.
  • Division Street — Replacement of 637 feet of existing gravity sewer in Division Street from 13th Street to 12th Street.
Status Updates

March 28, 2016: 


The City’s contractor Landis and Landis, LLC, will be completing paving work on Division Street on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week (March 29-31, 2016) to complete the Division Street reconstruction work.  Generally, the work zone is in the southbound lane of Division Street, between 13th St. and Morton Rd.  The construction work and schedule is as follows:

Wednesday - excavation of the entire southbound lane and shoulder areas and begin placement of base rock.

Thursday - additional base rock placement, grading and begin paving

Friday - complete any paving not finished on Thursday.


* * * * *

January 28, 2016:


Project is substantially complete, with only finish paving work in the project area remaining.


* * * * *



The construction contract was awarded to Landis & Landis LLC.