Holcomb Blvd Permanent Slide Repair

Project ID: 
CI 16-010
Project Type:
Capital Improvement
Project Contact Information: 

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Project Status: 
Project Dates: 
Summer/Fall 2016
Project Budget: 
Holcomb Blvd
97045 Oregon City , OR
Park Place

In December 2015, during the heavy rain storms, a section of Holcomb Blvd near Redland Road experienced a small localized landslide, impacting the ability for vehicles to travel safely on Holcomb Blvd. At that time, City crews completed a quick clean-up and emergency repair of the area in order to open the roadway. With the disaster declaration from FEMA, City staff is moving forward with a permanent repair of this area.  



Project Contacts
John Burrell Project Manager/Erosion Control Officer 503-496-1556 jburrell@orcity.org
John Lewis Public Works Director 503-496-1545 jmlewis@orcity.org
Martin Montalvo Public Works Operations Manager 503-657-8241 mmontalvo@orcity.org
Status Updates

December 20, 2016:  Permanent upslope slide repair is not a FEMA reimbursable expense so the City is looking for other funding mechanisms.  

July 15, 2016:  Because the City anticipates using FEMA funding to effect the permanent repair of this slide, staff awaited word on whether or not the City had to use a FEMA authorized engineering consultant to perform the work or if the City could contract with one of its on-call consultants.  

We have been notified that the City can contract with one of our on-call consultants so a firm has been contacted in order to obtain a scope of work and schedule.