2017 In House Paving Projects

Project ID: 
CI 17-005
Project Type:
Capital Improvement
Project Contact Information: 

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Project Status: 
Date Received: 
Monday, April 10, 2017
Project Dates: 
Summer/Fall 2017
City Wide

In house work performed by City crews to maximize resources.  This work involves tackling some of the less complex paving jobs using City street crews supplemented by summer workers.  City crews are then able to efficiently utilized equipment already owned by the City for pavement inlay work (traffic lane replacement) for the in house work.

Project Contacts
Matt Powlison Matt Powlison Street Operations Supervisor 503-657-8241 mpowlison@orcity.org
Jayson Thornberg Jayson Thornberg Utility Maintenance Lead - Street 503-657-8241 jthornberg@orcity.org