Land Use

The Process

Before a final engineering plan is submitted for review to obtain a permit from Public Works, a subdivision, partition, annexation, rezoning, and commercial site (site plan review of a commercial/industrial building or multi-family/mixed use building) and sites that impact geologic hazards, natural resource overlay districts and historic districts are required to go through a land use process. Land use is accomplished in 3 steps that show Development Services involvement in the process.


  • Development Services reviews the site for road and utility improvements
  • Development Services reviews the site for stormwater requirements
  • Development Services reviews the site for geologic hazards

Completeness of Application

A complete application for Development Services includes:

  • Preliminary Engineering Plans and Stormwater Report
  • Geotechnical Report showing the site is buildable (when applicable)
  • Answers to code that specifically answer how the project meets code

Use our checklists to know what is required.

Staff Report

Development Services provides Conditions of Approval that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Various standards that must be followed or designed for
  • Various fees and sureties that are required
  • Various documents that must be provided and/or recorded

This process is detailed more on the Community Development page. Questions about the land use process should be directed to Planning staff.