Traffic Speed, Volume & Classification Studies

Highway 99E Heavy Traffic in 1943

2023 Fall Traffic Counts are complete. View the 2023 Traffic Volume Study

The City of Oregon City has been conducting traffic volume studies since 1978. We have historical traffic volume counts from 1978, 1980, 1989, 1990, as well as more current ones. Any of our historic studies are available for review. Our most recent studies are available online and have been conducted every 3 years, or as needed. Starting in 2023, the City divided the study locations into thirds and will collect one third every year.

View the Traffic Counts Web Map.

If you have any questions about the studies or would like to view historical data, please email Katie Englund or call her at 971-204-4612.

Oregon City Studies

For ease of use, we have categorized our studies by street names. Please refer to the alphabetical listings in the subpages of this section to find information on a particular street. Note that not all streets have studies available.

Different kinds of traffic studies are performed and identified as follows:

  • Volume: This is the most common type of traffic count which records the number of vehicles
  • Speed: This is a traffic count which measures the speed in which vehicles are traveling
  • Classification: These are the least common counts. The counter is set up to attempt to classify each vehicle according to number and configuration of axles

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Studies

When accessing ODOT's Data and Maps page use the following highway/freeway names to locate the correct segments within Oregon City:

  • Highway 99E = Pacific Highway E 81
  • Highway 213 = Cascade Highway S 160
  • Interstate 205 (I-205) = E Portland Freeway 64