Plan Review

All public improvements require Civil Engineering Plans prepared by an Oregon Professional Engineer. Public improvements are defined as improvements that exist within the Public Rights-of-Way. This may include:

  • Roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs
  • Street lights
  • Utilities

The extent of public improvements will either be determined during the Land Use Process or as determined by section 12.04, 16.12, or 17.62 of the City Code. Engineering judgment may be used in unique circumstances.

In addition to public improvements, the City will require stormwater management. The site development thresholds and applicability of these standards, as described in the Stormwater and Grading Design Standards are as follows:

  • Development activities that result in 5,000 square feet of new or replaced impervious surface
  • Development activities that will result in the creation of more than 500 square feet of new impervious surface within a Natural Resource area
  • Development activities that will disturb 1,000 square feet of existing impervious surface within a Natural Resource area as part of a commercial or industrial redevelopment
  • All development that results in 1,000 square feet of new or replaced impervious surface shall be subject to the erosion prevention and sediment control requirements outlined in Chapter 7
  • All site development that results in any new or replaced impervious surfaces and is categorized as high risk for increased pollutant loading in stormwater runoff is required to comply with Chapter 6 in addition to all requirements within these standards.