All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) Grant

Oregon City was awarded an All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) Grant for safety improvements on Beavercreek Road from Warner Milne Road to Maplelane Road. The ARTS grant is designed to address safety needs in Oregon. The total project cost will be $1.1 million, and this ARTS Grant will cover $922,000 of that cost.

Corridor Improvements

All signalized intersections on Beavercreek Road between Warner Milne Road and Maplelane Road will be updated with yellow reflectorized backplates for increased visibility. Upgrades to the signal hardware will also be completed, including new signal controllers, fiber communications to and from all signals along the corridor, and signal timing updates. Updated signal timing, coupled with the fiber communications, will allow us to optimize the signals in the corridor not only at completion of the project, but also allow us to monitor the signals remotely.

How will this benefit you? Optimized signal timing allows vehicles to more efficiently travel along a corridor. This includes reducing delays which results in shorter travel times and a reduction in fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Hwy 213 and Beavercreek Road Intersection

In 2018, the City adopted Alternative Mobility Targets at the Hwy 213 and Beavercreek Road intersection. These targets acknowledged the high volume of traffic that uses this regionally significant intersection today and into the future. At that time, the City committed to seeking safety improvements at the busy intersection. Staff reviewed five years of detailed crash history at the intersection and found that nearly 85% of the crashes at the intersection were rear-end crashes, predominately in the southbound direction. Upon further review of the southbound rear-end crashes, it was found that the majority of these occur on dry pavement, in daylight with clear weather conditions, and result in property damage only or minor injury. A proven method to reduce these types of crashes is installation of advance signal ahead warning signage. The Hwy 213 and Beavercreek Road intersection is large, and drivers often misjudge if they can clear the intersection safely. To assist with this, the intersection will be equipped with an advanced dilemma zone detection system that can modify the traffic signal timing to reduce the number of drivers that may have difficulty deciding whether to stop or proceed during a yellow phase.

How will this benefit you? These improvements create a safer intersection by reducing crashes, but also improve the travel time reliability for travelers through the intersection by decreasing delays associated with crashes.

The project design work is expected to get under way in 2021, with construction expected in 2023.