Community Development Community Room

The Oregon City Community Development Department at 695 Warner Parrott Rd provides one meeting space: a Community Room. There is no charge for use of the Community Room.  All other areas of the building are off limits other than going through the lobby to the restrooms. 

Room Specifications 

  • The standard maximum capacity of the Community Room is 38 people.  

Capacity limits may be adjusted based on public health mandates or guidelines. City staff will make reasonable efforts to communicate any such updated capacity limits which may impact reservation holders. 

  • Room dimensions: functional space is 39’x37’ 
  • Amenities:
    1. 8 Tables, 2’x6’
    2. 24 Chairs
    3. Bathrooms off the lobby area
    4. Sink
    5. Audiovisual equipment:  Not available // Bring Your Own laptop and projector, if needed. 



The Community Room is available on a first come first served basis with Neighborhood Associations (NA) having priority. 

  • Permitted Uses

NA/CPO Usage – A general meeting or a meeting of a committee (established per organization bylaws) of an active Neighborhood Association (NA) recognized by the City of Oregon City, or a general meeting or meeting of a committee established per organization bylaws of an active Community Planning Organization (CPO) or Hamlet recognized by Clackamas County. Usage is subject to restrictions on Social Usage and For-Profit Usage as listed below.

Local Government Usage - A private meeting or event by a State, County, City, Tribal, public education agency or district, special/service district, government agency, department, advisory body, governing body, or similar body/organization. Local Government usage is subject to restrictions on Social Usage and For-Profit Usage as listed below.

 Users (and the organizations they represent) may request to use the Community Room as follows:

  • NA/CPO Usage: two (2) reservations per calendar month per association/organization.
  • Government Usage: one (1) reservation per calendar month per organization.


  • Prohibited Uses

Social Usage – A public or private party, gathering, family event, celebration, or other primarily social event (regardless of the sponsoring individual/organization) which does not significantly or is not intended to contribute to the educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic improvement of the communities in Oregon City.

For-Profit Usage - Any event or meeting for which an entry fee is charged, during which any fundraising or sales occur, or which promotes any product or any current or future service or event for which the promoter will or may realize a financial benefit. 

When reviewing requests for Community Room use, the requesting party shall provide sufficient information to allow city staff to determine whether the use is consistent with this policy, or not.

If an individual/organization does not agree with the interpretation or application of this policy, they may appeal the staff decision to the CD Director or the Director’s designee.  

Hours of Availability


  • For NA/CPO usage, the Community Room may be used after Community Development Department’s regular operating hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Any NA/CPO Usage must be finished, the Community Room cleared and returned to its default configuration with the building secured and vacated no later than 10:00 p.m. 

  • For Government meetings, the Community Room may be used during Community Development Department’s regular operating hours which are 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Meetings/events must be finished, and the room cleared and returned to its default configuration no later than 4:00 p.m. 

Reservations and Guidelines 

  • Reservations
  1. A reservation is required for any use of the Community Room. Procedures, Application Form and Indemnity Form may be found at 
  2. Requesters must be 18 years of age or older. 
  3. Community Room reservation must be submitted at least 7 calendar days in advance and may be submitted up to 60 calendar days in advance. 
  4. City Staff reserves the right to cancel any reservation. Advance cancellation notice is not guaranteed; however, staff will make reasonable efforts to give adequate notice of any cancellation. 
  • Guidelines
  1. Community Room users must abide by all applicable City/State/Federal public health and safety guidelines or policies. 
  2. Use of the Community Room may be terminated at any time by the CD Director, or by designated staff, in response to any violation of the applicable City/State/Federal public health and safety guidelines, and/or any use that is unsafe, abusive, or dangerous to the building, materials, exhibits, furnishings, equipment or individuals. 
  3. Organizations may not use or distribute the Community Development Department’s phone number or email address for publicity or meeting/event administration, nor in any way imply endorsement or co-sponsorship of events/meetings by the Community Development Department. No signage may be placed on the exterior of the building, on any Community Development property, (see Oregon City Municipal Code 15.28.100(3)(d)). 
  4. Light refreshments (such as cookies, crackers, pastries, sodas/water, coffee/tea, or finger food trays) or boxed lunches may be served.  There is to be no alcohol on the premises.   
  5. On-site cooking, food preparation, buffets or other catered events are NOT allowed. 
  6. Users are responsible for meeting setup and clean up. Users, as well as the organization(s) they represent, may be denied future use of the Community Room if it is not satisfactorily cleaned and returned to its default configuration. 
  7. Meeting materials or other property may not be stored in the Community Room prior to or after usage. 
  8. Staff are NOT available to:
    • assist with transporting meeting materials from parking areas to the Community Room. 
    • set up the room, serve refreshments, greet or coordinate the arrival of meeting attendees, or answer any inquiries regarding the event/activity.
    • assist with moving furniture, setting up the room, or providing meeting supplies or equipment.  
  9. Any intended decoration of the room must be indicated at the time the reservation request is submitted. Limited signage or decorations on walls, woodwork, windows or furniture are permitted as long as the tape or adhesive used removes cleanly and does not mar surfaces.

Any decoration which presents risk of significant damage or excessive cleaning efforts (in the sole judgment of City staff) is prohibited. Such prohibited decorations include (but are not limited to) glitter, confetti, burning candles, incense, open flames, or any decoration or signage affixed using nails, thumbtacks, or staples.

 Community Development staff or designees/representatives may enter the Community Room at any time and on any occasion. 



  • The Person reserving the room will be required to sign an Indemnity Agreement assuming all liability for damage to or theft of City property as assessed by the City by any member of their group during the reservation time period.


  • The City assumes no responsibility for materials, equipment or any other article left by any organization, group or individual in the Community Development building and will not be liable for loss, theft, or damage thereto.


  • The Community Development Department neither approves nor disapproves of content, topics, subject matter, or points of view of individuals or groups using the room.