Thimble Creek Concept Plan

Beavercreek Road Concept PlanThe Thimble Creek Concept Plan (formerly known as the Beavercreek Road Concept Plan) is a guide to the creation of a complete and sustainable community in southeast Oregon City. Most of the 453-acre site along Beavercreek Road was added to the regional urban growth boundary by Metro in 2002 and 2004. The plan envisions a diverse mix of uses (an employment campus north of Loder Road, mixed-use districts along Beavercreek Road, and two mixed-use neighborhoods) all woven together by open space, trails, a network of green streets, and sustainable development practices. Transit-oriented land uses have been strategically located to increase the feasibility of transit services in the future. The plan has been carefully crafted to create a multi-use community that has synergistic relationships with Clackamas Community College, Oregon City High School, and adjacent neighborhoods.

In 2020, the Concept Plan was readopted and renamed during the adoption of the development code for the area. For more information, see the Thimble Creek (Beavercreek Road) Concept Plan.