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This map depicts vacant lands with constrained and unconstrained areas in Oregon City using the 2013 Vacant Lands GIS Data from Metro's Regional Land Information System website.

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View the Vacant Lands Map (PDF).

The Vacant Land dataset represents the foundation for measuring buildable lands and analyzing carrying capacity within the City. Vacant tax lots are those that have no buildings, improvements or identifiable land use (appearing from aerial photography). Lots under site development are only considered developed if a structure is evident.

Taxlots depicted as constrained lands in this map may have potential political, environmental, or geologic concerns.

Constrained Vacant lands include:

  • Flood-prone soils
  • Parks
  • 1996 flood inundation area
  • FEMA 100-year floodplain
  • Slopes 25% and greater
  • Wetlands with a 50 foot buffer
  • Publicly-Owned Tax Lots
    • City of Oregon City, Oregon City Urban Renewal Agency, Clackamas County, Schools and Colleges, Metro and Metro Service District
  • Rights-of-Way and Common Areas
  • Power and Gas Lines with a 15-foot buffer
  • Building footprints within vacant lands

If you need a full-sized copy (36 inches by 48 inches) printed, please contact the GIS Department.


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