Stormwater SDCs

An SDC is a one-time fee imposed on new development at the time of development. The charge is intended to recover a fair share of the cost of system capacity needed to serve growth. System development charges provide a means for "growth to pay for growth."

For single family residential uses, the Stormwater SDC is a set rate. Multi-family and nonresidential uses are charged a fee based on the equivalent residential units (ERU) for the property. ERU are established by multiplying the property's area range number (ARN) by its development intensity factor (DIF). ARN and DIF are identified in Resolution 04-47.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 223.297 to 223.314 provides "a uniform framework for the imposition of system development charges by governmental units" and establishes "that the charges may be used only for capital improvements." An SDC can be constructed to include one or both of the following components:

  • A reimbursement fee, intended to recover an equitable share of the cost of facilities already constructed or under construction
  • An improvement fee, intended to recover a fair share of future, planned, capital improvements needed to increase the capacity of the system


The City updated its Stormwater SDC methodology and rates in 2004 and again in 2021 following the adoption of the 2020 Stormwater Master Plan.  The Stormwater Master Plan, the City's guiding document, includes an updated list of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) addressing:

  • Immediate capacity needs
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Water quality challenges
  • Maintenance needs
  • Flooding concerns

To meet this objective, in 2021 the City's consultant performed a technical analysis which included the creation of a comprehensive SDC project list using the 2020 Stormwater Master Plan. The list was carefully examined to determine the portion of each project that will add system capacity to serve growth. Only those costs are includable in the SDC improvement fee calculation. The SDC reimbursement fee is based on the unused capacity of assets available for future users. Both the reimbursement fee and improvement fee were proposed to be updated. The charge was then calculated to incorporate both the data inputs and guidance from our consultant.  A technical report addressing the methodology and calculation of the changes as well as Resolution 21-35 which adopted new Stormwater SDC rates are available in Supporting Documents.