Outreach Story - November 2020

In Mid-November 2020, Officer Hanes contacted another homeless individual inside a tent structure on private property behind the Oregon City Shopping Center (OCSC). It was approximately 44 degrees outside and was drizzling. Officer Hanes introduced himself to the gentleman and informed him he was currently trespassing. The gentleman apologized and stated he would pack up his things and leave. The contact did not stop there, Officer Hanes began inquiring what caused the gentleman to be homeless to start his outreach and offer services if the gentleman was willing.

It turned out that the gentleman had been a caretaker for over 20 years in another Oregon town. The gentleman said after the person he was caring for died he moved back to Oregon City. Unbeknownst to him, the taxes on the mobile home he was living in had not been paid and he lost it and that is when he became homeless. The gentleman said he has been trying to get off the streets but has not been able to.

Officer Hanes asked the gentleman if he would be willing to go to the Bybee Lakes Hope Center. The center is a 155,000 sq foot housing facility to support people experiencing homelessness. The gentleman was interested and stated, "It's starting to get cold and rainy out and I don't want to be out here anymore."

Officer Hanes made some calls and reached out to his resources. That same day, an assessment was conducted for Bybee Lakes. After completing an assessment and interview over the phone, the gentleman was admitted to Bybee Lakes for housing. The gentleman packed up his belongings and Officer Hanes transported them to a storage unit to be stored. The gentleman was given a ride to Bybee Lakes. Before departing, the gentleman thanked Officer Hanes and was very appreciative of what he did for him.