Grading Permit Application

Grading and Filling with BulldozersA city-issued Grading Permit is required before the commencement of any of the following filling or grading activities (per City Code 15.48.030):

  • Grading activities in excess of ten cubic yards of earth
  • Grading activities which may result in the diversion of existing drainage courses, both natural and man-made, from their natural point of entry or exit from the grading site
  • Grading and paving activities resulting in the creation of impervious surfaces greater than 2,000 square feet or more in area
  • Any excavation beyond the limits of a basement or footing excavation, having an unsupported soil height greater than 5 feet after the completion of such a structure
  • Grading activities involving the clearing or disturbance of one-half acres (21,780 square feet) or more of land

Those fill and grading activities proposed to be undertaken in conjunction with a land use application, including but not limited to subdivisions, planned unit developments, partitions and site plan reviews, do not require a separate grading permit. Approval of the construction plans submitted through the land use application process shall constitute the grading permit required under Chapter 15.48.

The fee for a Grading Permit can be found on the Engineering Services Fees page.

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