Bargain & Sale Deed

A Bargain and Sale Deed is used to dedicate private land for public use. It is most commonly used for tracts of land that contain stormwater facilities.

An "Assessor's Certificate" must be obtained and included with the Deed of Dedication that is submitted to the City for recording at the County Recorder's office, as required by House Bill 2127.

Important to Note

With the passage of House Bill 2127, a county clerk is prohibited from recording an instrument that conveys fee title to real property to a tax-exempt government transferee that is not accompanied by a certificate issued by the County Assessor attesting that all charges against real property as of the date of recording have been paid.

The County Assessor has given guidance to the City on this matter and the following process is to be followed by the property owner that is conveying the property in fee title to the City:

  • Property owner (Grantor) conveying the property must confirm there are no taxes owed on the property by attaining an Assessor's Certificate from the County Assessor's office for each tax lot that property is being conveyed.
  • To request an Assessor's Certificate online, email the Clackamas County Assessor and provide the tax lot map(s) and tax lot number(s) as applicable for the property being conveyed.
  • The requestor should get an Assessor's Certificate in 2 to 3 days from the email request.
  • To expedite the Assessor's Certificate(s), call or visit the Assessor's office in person.
  • The Assessor's Certificate(s), shall be included as part of the document pages to be recorded.

The Recorder's Office will not record the Deed document without the Assessor's Certificate(s).

Supporting Documents