Engineering Services

Engineering Services is a portion of the Engineering Group of the Public Works Department. We provide services such as:

  • Erosion control inspection
  • Project management on capital projects
  • Utility locations (you can do this yourself by visiting the OCWebMaps page)
  • Calculating system development charges (SDC) amounts for non-residential projects
  • Management of Oregon City's rights-of-way


Engineering Services Fees

Visit the Engineering Services Fees page which outlines the current Engineering Services fees for copies, applications, permits, and recording services.

Construction Projects

At any given time, the City of Oregon City has multiple capital construction projects underway. From design to construction, check out our Construction Projects page to find out what is going on in Oregon City.

Geologic Hazards

Is your home or property susceptible to a landslide? View the Geologic Hazards page to learn more.

System Development Charges (SDC)

If you are applying for a building permit for development or redevelopment in Oregon City, SDC are due and payable at the time of permit issuance. Visit the SDC page to find out more.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Oregon City recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and providing for the long-term stewardship of our natural resources. When land is disturbed at a construction site, the erosion rate may increase significantly. Proper planning and use of erosion control prevention measures can reduce the impact of human-caused erosion. See the Erosion and Sediment Control page for more information.

Oregon City Rights-of-Way Management

Oregon City rights-of-way: the City's most valuable asset! View the Oregon City Rights-of-Way Management page to learn more.