Current Program Activity

One Way Flagging on Molalla Avenue for Smoke Testing and CCTV Survey

What is happening on Molalla Avenue?

Molalla Avenue will be intermittently reduced to one-way flagged traffic between 9 AM and 3 PM from September 11 to September 15. Two-way traffic will be maintained to the maximum extent possible during this period, but some one-way flagged traffic will be unavoidable. Commuters should expect delays on Molalla Avenue between Hilltop Avenue and Division Street during these dates and times.

The City has hired contractors to smoke test and CCTV (closed circuit TV) survey public sewer mains in the Canemah, Elyville, McLoughlin, Rivercrest, and South End neighborhoods.  Pacific Int-R-Tec was hired to perform the CCTV survey, and Keller is performing the smoke testing. Both contractors have completed most of the work, except for the Molalla Avenue corridor.

 Molalla 1 lane flagged

CCTV Survey in Progress

What is happening?

The City’s contractor, Pacific Int-R-Tec, is using closed-circuit TV (CCTV) to survey public sewer mains in the McLoughlin, Elyville, and Rivercrest neighborhoods.

Summer 2023 CCTV Map 

The crew will send a robotic camera down manholes and cleanouts. This will help them locate:

  • Cracks, breaks, root intrusions, or other defects in the pipes.
  • Where sewer lateral pipes connect to the mainline.

The City contacted people who have cleanouts or manholes on their properties. We expect the contractor to complete most of the work by August 11, and be finished by September 1.

The City sent out a Summer 2023 CCTV Letter and a Summer 2023 CCTV Right of Entry.

Smoke Testing In Progress

During August and September, the City’s contractor, Keller, will smoke test the sewer system throughout the Canemah, Elyville, McLoughlin, Rivercrest, and South End neighborhoods. We've added some areas near Linn Avenue and Molalla Avenue to the smoke testing extents.

Summer 2023 Smoke Test Map - Updated

Where are we now?

Here’s a map showing where we plan to smoke test from August 28 to September 1.  This area may change slightly depending upon how the week of testing goes.  Watch for the next progress update on September 4.

We expect the contractor to complete the work by September 15.

OC Basins Map Smoke Testing - Week 5

What is smoke testing?

Smoke testing is how we find cracks, leaks, and improper connections to the sanitary sewer system.  We blow smoke into the sewer and watch to see where it comes out.

Examples of improper connections are gutter downspouts and storm drains that shouldn’t be connected to the sewer system.

Is the smoke harmful to people?

The “smoke” may look alarming, but it’s not harmful to people, pets, or homes.  Please do not call the fire department about the smoke testing. 

It’s not really smoke. It’s a non‐toxic, non‐staining, odorless mist.  Even so, avoid direct exposure if you have respiratory problems like asthma or emphysema.

If your pets stay inside during the day, and you are concerned about “smoke” entering your home, consider opening your windows. If they have respiratory problems, you might want to house them elsewhere that day.

Smoke from Fire

The City sent out a Summer 2023 Smoke Testing Postcard and also has available a Summer 2023 Smoke Testing Fact Sheet with more information about smoke testing.

Construction Projects

The following projects are currently under construction:

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