Emergency Preparedness

The City strives to educate the public on what to do in an emergency and assist with emergency preparedness issues.

How to prepare for an emergency:

  • Establish a designated meeting place.
  • Create an emergency plan to communicate with friends and relatives
  • Know the emergency plan for your workplace and children's schools.
  • How to create a 72-hour Emergency Kit, find advice on the Ready Gov website.

Alert Systems:

Internet: Facebook and Twitter alerts. In the event of an emergency, this website will scroll an obvious red banner with information about the emergency and what to do.

Flash Alert: is used to send out emergency alerts and news releases from the Police department. You may subscribe to receive these alerts via rss or email.

Phone Alerts: The City uses an automated phone alert system through the County to alert residents of emergencies. Residents who might be affected by an emergency will receive a call with information about the nature and location of the event, and instructions about what they can do to protect themselves.

Types of Emergency Information:

  • Natural Disasters - floods, earthquakes, fires, severe weather, landslides, etc.
  • Urban Emergencies - House or building fires, harmful or poisonous gas leaks, dangerous Police activity
  • Medical - First aid and medical resources, creating an emergency plans
  • Communication -Maps, shelter locations, phone numbers and contacts

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