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Project: TREE-24-00009

City Staff Removal of a 20" DBH Big Leaf Maple Street Tree abutting 14641 Holcomb Blvd. Replacement with 4 new street trees.

Public Comment Period: 2/14/2024 - 2/28/2024

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Effective December 4, 2020, the City Commission passed Resolution Number 20-33, which adopted a policy for additional permitting, notification and other requirements for removal of significant city trees. This policy applies to the city staff removal of trees:

  • on city-owned or urban renewal commission-owned land
  • within the city right-of-way 

The policy applies in addition to existing tree removal permit requirements. 

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Oregon City recognizes the importance of preserving significant trees located on city property or within the public right-of-way. While the City has regulations in the Oregon City Municipal Code regarding tree removal, the City did not have an internal policy with the process for considering alternatives to tree removal. Also, the City did not have a process for public notification for the removal of large trees, or reuse of large timber.

See a copy of Resolution Number 20-33 (PDF).

This policy was developed through an extensive public process. In response to tree removal on city property, the City Manager directed staff to work together to draft code amendments and/or a policy including new procedures and policies to avoid inappropriate tree removal by city staff. The draft policy was developed with input from the Natural Resources Committee, the Planning Commission, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, and the City Commission. Highlights of the policy include:

  • Tree species listed on the heritage tree list as the basis for requiring additional review.
  • Exempting trees in certain situations, even if they meet the heritage tree requirements, such as when the tree poses an imminent hazard.
    • "Imminent hazard tree" means a hazardous tree as defined in OCMC 12.32.020, all or more than thirty percent of which has already fallen or is estimated to fall within seventy-two hours into the public right-of-way or onto a target that cannot be protected, restricted, moved, or removed. (See also tree, hazard.) Determination of imminent hazard is made by the city of Oregon City Public Works or Emergency Personnel, a PGE forester, or a certified arborist.
  • Requiring that proposed tree removal include an explanation as to why the tree is being removed as well as an analysis of the removal and alternatives to removal by an internal panel or an arborist. Arborist review is required for all trees over a certain size.
  • Public notice for 14 days placed on the tree itself and via this website.
  • Unresolved questions or concerns by the public will be elevated to the City Manager's office.
  • City Commission will review trees 40 inches DBH or greater
  • The wood of healthy trees 25 inches or greater will be reused if feasible
  • An annual budget will be established to support the tree retention with use of alternatives to tree removal and putting the wood of a removed tree to use.
  • No fee-in-lieu will be allowed for mitigation plantings associated with the removal of trees 50 inches DBH or greater

Permit Requirements for City Staff

For tree removal performed by the City

  • on city-owned or urban renewal commission-owned land
  • within the city right-of-way

City Staff shall submit an Application for Removal of Significant Public Trees (PDF) (Fillable Fields) along with other permits described below.

In addition to the City Staff Application for Removal of Significant Public Trees, for tree removal on city-owned tax lots use the following process and forms:

In addition to the City Staff Application for Removal of Significant Public Trees, for tree removal within city right-of-way use the following process and forms:

Further Information

For further information about Oregon City's tree removal and replacement requirements, and to find additional resources about urban forestry, please visit the following city webpages: