City Matters: Fall 2023

The community of Oregon City is rich in history and in its diversity of cultures. Over the last two years the City, in conjunction with the Library, have commemorated and celebrated heritage awareness months. Proclamations have been created to recognize things such as National Historic Preservation month to Public Works Awareness month. The library creates displays of books relevant to the awareness month and related social media posts.

The Commission is proud of the community who initiated and created the Juneteenth and Pride events. The Juneteenth event commemorates the overdue arrival of news of liberation and the end of slavery, and the Pride event put focus on the fight for equality for every American. Both events gives all of us an opportunity to be aware of and continue to support equity and justice for every single American.

I would like to quote Senator Merkley, “In order for all of us to realize the vision of America, as a land of freedom and equality, we must be willing to take steps to bring this vision to reality”. We are citizens of Oregon City, the State of Oregon, the United States of American and the World, and should not allow prejudice to stoke fear and hatred. Oregon City is contributing to that Vision.