13889 Cleveland Street

A.D. HILL HOUSE c.1890 -- Statement of Significance: A.D. Hill is believed to be the original owner of the subject property, which he purchased in 1892 and owned until 1906, when he sold it to Mary and Albert Hayhurst. Mary Hayhurst was born in Ohio in 1890. She lived in Oregon City, then Woodburn, and finally moving to Molalla. Mary, who was widowed by 1921, sold the property to H.D. and Elizabeth Rosenbraugh. The Rosenbraughs apparently lost the property after a lawsuit to K.C. Mohrhardt in 1926. Two years later it was purchased by Constance and Ben Stricker, who owned through the historic period. 

The house is a good example of the Vernacular style. It is composed of several perpendicular volumes covered with wide, dropped siding and finished with corner and rake boards. Fancywork, including turned posts and jigsawn brackets, are located at the single-bay porch on the east elevation. Other notable features include the rectangular window-bay covered with a hip roof on the south (front) elevation. Alterations are limited and many are reversible. Most noticeable are the window replaced on the hipped bay and the porch enclosed on the north (rear) elevation. Other changes include the concrete ramp on the side elevation, the addition of fiberglass panels to the front and side porches, and the addition of a chimney on the east elevation. A garage, which appears to date from the early 20th century, and another building, date unknown, are also on the property. Landscape features, including mature coniferous and deciduous trees, contribute to the historic character of the dwelling.

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