14001 Taylor Lane

THOMAS RYAN HOUSE c.1920 -- Statement of Significance: Thomas Ryan is the original owner of the subject property, which he purchased in 1909. In 1926 it was sold from his estate to William T. and Buell Lucas. They owned it through much of the historic period. Thomas F. Ryan was born in Rhode Island and came to Oregon in 1883. He was active in government, commerce and social circles. Ryan was the president of the Bank of Commerce, mayor of Oregon City, city recorder, county judge and deputy state treasurer. He was also president of Clackamas Auto and Tractor Company and an official of several fraternal and social groups. During the later years of his life he owned and operated Ryan Fruit Farm. While the exact location is unclear, newspaper accounts indicate that the farm was near Gladstone. Local historian Pearl Smith believes that the farm was located east of the Park Place area on Clackamas River Drive, close to the Brownell Holly Farm. Tax assessor records for early years of the 20th century would indicate what land, other than the subject property, Ryan owned during the pertinent years. William Lucas emigrated from the mid-west. He was an employee of the Hawley Paper Company in Oregon City. 

The house is an excellent example of the Colonial Revival style. Salient architectural features include the bilateral symmetry, gambrel rood shape and classically inspired decorative elements. The eight-over-one double-hung windows and fanlight in the gable end are reminiscent of early American colonial dwelling. The gabled entrance is particularly noteworthy. Here, the six-panel door is flanked by paneled sidelights and framed by Doric columns beneath a segmental arch. Alterations are limited and include the enclosure of the porch on the east elevation. There are several outbuildings associated with the dwelling. It is not known if they were constructed during the historic period. Landscape features, including hydrangeas, camellias, roses, holly, and other ornamental plantings, as well as mature fruit and nut trees, contribute to the historic character of the dwelling. Mature Douglas firs screen the house from view and mature deciduous trees in the pasture form a backdrop for the house.

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