Criminal Charges

Major crimes and traffic citations received outside the city limits are cited into Clackamas County Circuit Court website, 503-655-8447.

Criminal Charge Information: Require an appearance in person on the date and time listed on your citation or release agreement. Failure to Appear will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you would like to apply for a court appointed attorney please download a form from forms and submit via email or when you appear.


Any reset of a court appearance requires the signature of the defendant on the notice setting forth the new court date. If the defendant fails to sign the reset notice, the new court appearance shall be deleted from the docket and a warrant issued for the arrest of the defendant. It is a condition of all releases that the defendant signs a notice for each further court appearance.

Pretrial Conferences

It is mandatory that the defendant and defendant's attorney, if any, attend at least one pretrial conference date before a trial can be scheduled. The defendant must then sign the trial notice before the trial date will be made part of the docket. When a jury trial is scheduled, a pretrial conference shall be set at least a month prior to the trial date. Attendance at the pretrial conference shall be mandatory.

Deferred Sentence

It is discretionary with the City Prosecutor to allow any defendant into a deferred sentence program. Entry in the deferred sentence program requires the use of existing court forms. All filing fees must be paid on the schedule set forth in the program. Any violation of the terms shall cause the defendant to be sentenced at the sole discretion of the City Prosecutor.

Community Service

In lieu of jail or payment of fines, it is discretionary with the judge presiding over the proceedings to order a defendant to participate in community service through Clackamas County Community Service.

Court Appointed Attorneys

If you would like to apply for a court appointed attorney please download the CAA Application Form (PDF) and submit via email or when you appear.