Donate to Support Senior Health & Wellness


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The Pioneer Community Center is dedicated to providing assistance and support to seniors. By offering nutritional, educational, recreational, and social services to older adults in the community, we help individuals maintain an active, healthy and independent lifestyle.

The primary goal of the Center is to enhance the quality of life for older adults and disabled citizens of the community and provide an opportunity for the elderly to maintain an independent lifestyle.

The Pioneer Community Center has a Meals on Wheels service is provided to residents in Oregon City, Beavercreek, Redland, Holcomb and West Linn. The Center also offers a sit-down lunch 4 days a week.

Local rides are given Monday through Friday to help seniors remain independent, attend medical appointments and go grocery shopping.

The Center is always in need of financial support to continue these and other services. Donations are greatly appreciated, used directly to support the Center and it's many services to the community.

Please use the form on this page or visit the Access Form website.

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