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Sponsorships are a great way for individuals and local businesses to receive prominent recognition of their services in exchange for helping us meet the growing needs for our programs and services.

View the Sponsorship Opportunities (PDF).

The following are some ways you can help the Pioneer Community Center enhance the lives of our community's seniors and those with disabilities:

  • Donate directly to Meals on Wheels (any amount appreciated)
  • Sponsor a Meals on Wheels Route
  • Sponsor a Day Trip or Class
  • Sponsor a Special Event
  • Sponsor Thursday's Bingo
  • Advertise in our newsletter

These are just some ideas of how you might be able to help. As a sponsor, you or your business name would be displayed. This is a great way to advertise! Please contact us at 503-657-8287 if you would like to participate as a sponsor or if you have other sponsorship ideas.

Thank You to our Current Sponsors!

  • The Ridge at Oregon City
  • Optimum Capital Strategies
  • McLoughlin Place
  • Wellcare
  • Humana
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