Filbert Run Park Master Plan

Filbert Run Master Plan Cover SheetThe 3.5-acre Filbert Run Park property is located in Oregon City in the Hazel Grove/Westling Farm neighborhood on the south side of Hazelnut Avenue, between Vincent Drive and Hazel Grove Drive.

The site is surrounded by single-family homes on the east, south, and west sides, and across Hazelnut Avenue to the north. A dead-end spur of Westwood Drive extends into the site on the south. There are several mature Douglas Fir and Oak trees in the middle of the site, and open lawn on both the east and west sides. Additional scattered trees, both mature in size and very young, are located on the west side. In wet weather, stormwater runoff drains through the middle of the site via an ephemeral drainage way that exits out an inlet on the south side near Westwood Drive.

The site is currently undeveloped, but has been actively used as a park by neighbors for quite some time. The neighbors have planted small coniferous trees on the west side of the site and memorialized a few large fallen trees with boulder rings. Neighbors have also become very involved with ongoing maintenance of the property including invasive species removal and the clearing of dense understory to reduce site vandalism. One neighbor has even become a frequent participant in lawn mowing with his personal lawn mower! The development of Filbert Run Park is much anticipated by the community.

The goal of this Master Plan is to address both site constraints and opportunities, and to plot a course for its future.

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