Glen Oak (Tyrone S. Woods Memorial) Park Master Plan

Glen Oak/Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Park Features DiagramThe Glen Oak Park property located at 14491 S Glen Oak Road is a 9.1-acre site located in the Caufield neighborhood of Oregon City.

The site is surrounded by single family homes to the south, the Oregon City High School to the east, a single family home with tree farm to the west, and a vacant lot to the north that is the proposed site of the future Oregon City School District Transportation and Maintenance Facility. It is bordered by High School Avenue on the east and South Glen Oak Road on the south. As property development occurs, Meyers Road will be extended along the northern border of the park site.

To the south, a culvert carries Caufield Creek under South Glen Oak Road and onto the site. The creek exits the park on the west side.

To the southwest, there is a ½-acre delineated wetland, just north of the perennial Caufield Creek, in an area of existing horse pasture. We have heard from neighbors that the wetland typically has 6 inches of standing water during the wet season.

Two homes are located on the site (both houses are currently being rented out by the City):

  • One, at the southern border of the site on South Glen Oak Road, is a house with an adjacent garage and barn.
  • The second house and barn at the northeast corner exists in the location of the future Meyer's Road Extension.

The majority of vegetation present is invasive or nuisance species. These will be removed with park development. Mature Oak, Ash, and Fir trees at the center of the site will be protected and preserved as park amenities.

Renaming & Park Development

The property was renamed Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Park by the City Commission in 2018. The park is scheduled to be constructed in 2020 with completion anticipated in September 2020.

Supporting Documents