OC2040 Oregon City Comprehensive Plan

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On December 21, 2022 the City Commission adopted OC2040 as Oregon City's Comprehensive Plan. After a two-year process of extensive public engagement, OC2040 is now the community’s blueprint for the future, a policy document that guides growth, development and public investment over the next 20 years.  

The Comprehensive Plan helps manage expected population and employment growth through a set of goals, policies, and implementation measures that align with the community's vision. This framework of goals and policies is rooted in a factual basis that helps inform other critical planning documents and implementing tools that serve as a coordinated, overarching strategy for the community. City leaders use the Comprehensive Plan to coordinate public investments and make decisions about how and where land is developed. Land use planning regulations and procedures connect the aspirations set forth in the vision and goal statements of a Comprehensive Plan to the administrative review process for development applications.

This is the mechanism for translating a community's vision through land use planning operations. These procedures establish mechanisms for ensuring consistency between the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan with the development code, capital improvement plans, and infrastructure plans, among others.