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Please download and read the city's recent policy letter regarding business license issuance (February 14, 2017) for current and prospective applicants.

For an overview of the regulations for marijuana businesses, please download and review the list of documents attached to this page.

On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, the City of Oregon City began accepting business license applications for marijuana businesses in the City of Oregon City. Because of specific Oregon City zoning regulations, such as the restriction that a marijuana retailer shall not locate within 1,000 feet of another marijuana retailer, the approval of your business license could be impacted by the issuance of a competitor's business license whose business license application was submitted before yours. Therefore, it's important that you understand the following information so that you can secure your business location's place in the sequential order in which the City will process and approve business license applications for marijuana businesses.

Business license applications submitted on January 3, 2017 must be submitted in person, in hard copy form, at the front desk in the lobby of the City Hall building of the City of Oregon City located at 625 Center Street. (The City Hall building will open at 8 am on January 3, 2017. If you arrive before 8 am, it is suggested that you form a single file line directly outside of the front entrance of the building.)

All marijuana businesses shall comply with OCMC 17.54.110 (Ord. Number 16-1008). Please refer to OCMC 17.04 for business type definitions. Additional restrictions may apply.

Determine the zoning of the property where the business is located. To locate potential marijuana business locations, use the Marijuana Business Regulation app.

Please visit the Business Licensing webpage for additional forms. You can also down the marijuana business licensing process instructions (PDF) and supplemental questionnaire (PDF).