7th Street

This project restored a historic commercial corridor to a walkable and attractive public space that helps to strengthen local businesses.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Damaged and incomplete sidewalks resulted in poor pedestrian experience
  • Outdated utilities unreliable for local businesses and future development
  • Lack of signalized crosswalks unsafe for pedestrians


  • Planted 124 new street trees and installed 31 new street lights
  • Constructed 5,400 feet of new sidewalk, improved several crosswalks and repaved roadway
  • Added street furniture and public art at key points along the corridor


  • Economic
    • Enhances attractiveness of street to visitors and shoppers
    • Signals public commitment to corridor for future investors and developers
  • Livability
    • Improves public spaces along corridor through beautification and public art
    • Enhances accessibility for all populations with ADA-compliant sidewalks and crossings
  • Sustainability
    • Reduces carbon emissions by planting new trees
    • Encourages sustainable transportation options like walking



7th Street 1
7th Street 2
7th Street 3
7th Street 4
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7th Street 6
7th Street 7
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