Main Street (5th to 10th)

This project revitalized historic Main Street and attracted new shoppers and businesses by converting the street to two-way traffic and beautifying public spaces.

Blighted Conditions:

  • One-way traffic reduced visibility to businesses and made parking difficult to find
  • Crumbling sidewalks and unsafe pedestrian crossings
  • Outdated utility lines not reliable for local businesses
  • Unclear bicycle right-of-way makes bicycling unsafe
  • Lack of streetscape amenities such as furniture, lighting, trees, bike parking


  • Converted Main Street to two-way traffic and changed traffic direction on some side streets
  • Added new street amenities, including 13 trees, 50 street lights and several public art installations
  • Repaved roadway and sidewalks and restriped bicycle symbols


  • Economic
    • Increases visitors and spending downtown by making Main St. more attractive: the number of people riding the municipal elevator to access downtown has increased 30% since 2009.
    • Signals public commitment to downtown to property owners and developers: 48 new businesses have located downtown since the project was completed
  • Livability
    • Enhances public spaces downtown with new lighting, furniture, trees and artwork
    • Provides improved spaces to host community events downtown, such as the summer farmer's market
  • Sustainability
    • Conserves energy through new LED streetlights
    • Reduces carbon emissions by planting new trees
    • Encourages sustainable transportation by improving bike lanes and sidewalks



Main Street 1
Main Street 2
Main Street 3
Main Street 4
Main Street 5
Main Street 6