567 Holmes Lane

W.B. STAFFORD HOUSE c.1898 -- Statement of Significance: W.B. Stafford was a farmer who grew strawberries, and possibly cherries and other "small fruits," including raspberries, currants and blackberries. He was called a "leading fruit grower" in the local papers in 1906. His wife was Josephine G. Stafford, who was born in 1855 in New Jersey. Stafford was born in 1849 in New Jersey. The Staffords had a daughter, Roma, born in Oregon in 1884, and a son, James, born in 1887. The house may have been built by Daniel O'Neill, who owned the property from 1883 to 1898. 

The house and barn are of local significance, in association with Stafford and as examples of the agricultural industry. The house is significant as an example of Queen Anne.

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Holmes Ln - 567