Water Leak Policy / Adjustment Application

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Any leaks on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to locate and repair. However, the Utility recognizes that leakage at a customer's premises may occur and cause an unusually high utility bill. If the Utility is notified by the customer or becomes aware of a potential leak during the monthly billing process, the Utility may have field staff verify the meter read.

If the Utility determines the meter is continuing to register consumption when no water is intentionally in use, and the utility bill is at least twice the average monthly amount, the customer may qualify for a leak adjustment credit.

A customer may request a credit no more than one time every 24 months. In order to qualify for the leak adjustment, the customer must provide documentation, such as a plumber's bill or receipt, that a leak did exist, the leak was sufficient in size to use an excessive amount of utility service, and that the leak has been fixed.

Upon receipt of such documentation, the Utility shall determine whether to allow a leak adjustment. The customer request must be in writing and must include the customer name, service address, date of the request, date the leak was detected, date the leak was repaired, and a description of repairs made.

The leak adjustment will be applied to the overage of utility service above average usage and any related fees such as sewer adjustments if applicable. If there is no previous usage history available, consumption may be estimated on the basis of usage levels of similar customers and under similar conditions.

The current portion of the utility bill including all fees must be kept up to date to qualify for this adjustment credit and to avoid service interruption.

  • The adjusted portion will be calculated at half the Water Distribution rate charged.
  • The city will only adjust two months of water consumption overage, it is in the customer's best interest to get the leak fixed as soon as possible.

The adjustment will be credited to the customer account after the Utility has obtained a full month's meter reading. No leak adjustments will be made due to irrigation leaks unless they are approved by the Finance Director.

This policy requires prompt corrective action by the customer with evidence of repair before a credit can be applied.