When Filling a Swimming Pool

Now that it is summertime and the use of a swimming pool is needed, filling it is not as costly as one might think as the Water Meter usage is measured in (100 Cubic Feet) Equal to 748 Gallons through your garden hose.

The Calculation will look like this (pool capacity in gallons) divided by 748 = 100 cubic feet multiplied by rate = $3.12 per 100 cubic feet

(Calculation: 6000 gallon capacity divided by 748 = 8.03 − (100cf) = $25.06

Note: Public Sanitary Sewer is not affected in a Residential Home.

Our Residential rate is a set dollar amount, the customer is paying for water only to fill a Pool.

Basic Guide to Filling

  • 1000 Gallon Pool = to 1.32  (HCF)
  • 2000 Gallon Pool = to 2.68  (HCF)

View the Swimming Pool Water Estimator (PDF).