Diverse Books 2021

Finding Diverse Books for Kids & Teens 2021

Welcome! The information on this page was created by Barratt Miller and Sabrina Tusing for the Oregon City School District Equity Conference held on February 3, 2021. While it was designed to be used by K through 12 educators, this information will also be helpful to anyone who's trying to find diverse books for and about kids and teens.


In the slideshow, you'll find:

  • Information about diverse books and diversity in publishing, including commonly used terms like "windows and mirrors" and "#ownvoices"
  • Recommended books published in 2020, book award lists, websites, and other resources
  • Tips for searching the library's online catalog

From the Table of Contents on slide 2, use the blue underlined text to navigate to any slide in the presentation. All other blue underlined text are links to visit online resources. Book covers are links that show you where to find each book in the library.

Book Lists

Want to skip right to the book lists we cover in our presentations? We've made them available as both easy-to-print PDFs and short videos for each grade range:


We also have longer lists of diverse books the library purchased in 2020:

In all book lists, select blue underlined text to find each book in the library! #ownvoices titles, e-book editions, audiobook editions, graphic novels, Oregon authors/settings, and Spanish language editions are noted in the grade-level lists.