Minor Partition


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A minor partition includes dividing a property (or a group of properties) into a total of 3 or fewer lots.

Find Out More About Your Property

The City's website has a variety of resources available including Property Reports and Online Mapping System. You may also call the Planning Division at 503-722-3789 for more information.

Oregon City Municipal Code Criteria

In addition to the zoning designation and any special requests, such as Variances, the following chapters of the Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) are applicable to Minor Partitions:

  • OCMC 12.08 - Public and Street Trees
  • OCMC 13.12 - Stormwater Management
  • OCMC 15.48 - Grading, Filling, and Excavating
  • OCMC 16.12 - Minimum Public Improvements and Design Standards for Land Divisions OCMC 16.08 - Land Divisions Process and Standards
  • OCMC 17.20 - Residential Design and Landscaping Standards
  • OCMC 17.41 - Tree Protection Standards
  • OCMC 17.47 - Erosion and Sediment Control
  • OCMC 17.50 - Administrative Processes

Planning applications and fees include:

View the current Planning Fee schedule

Please note: Additional fees are required from other departments, agencies, and consultants.

Review Process

Minor Partitions are typically processed as a Type II Land Use application. Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed for completeness purposes within 30 days. Upon a complete application submittal, there is a public noticing period and the applicant is entitled to a decision from the city for a decision of approval, approval with conditions, or denial within 120 days of deeming the application complete, by state law. Type II decisions are rendered by the Community Development Director, with an appeal on the record to the City Commission, and then onto LUBA.

For more assistance, visit the Planning Application Checklists page.

Other Information

In addition to the forms in the Related Documents section, you may also be interested in the following: