Detective Unit

The Detective Unit's main objective is to work hand-in-hand with the uniform officers of the patrol division in order to identify and apprehend criminal offenders, with a special emphasis on the investigation of major crimes. Through this cooperation, both units operate efficiently to apprehend offenders and resolve cases. Patrol officers' reports/investigations are coupled with those produced in the Detective Unit and are subsequently presented to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

The Oregon City Detective Unit is comprised of one detective sergeant and multiple detectives. The Detective Sergeant is responsible for reviewing cases sent to the Unit from patrol and assigning those cases to individual detectives. Detectives are on a one-week on-call rotation and are available to respond immediately to the scene of a crime at the request of a supervisor.

The Detective Unit is interested in any information regarding possible drug houses in the Oregon City area. If you know of any possible drug houses or drug activity occurring at a particular location please email Detective Sergeant Gates or call 503-905-3501.