Property / Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit of the Oregon City Police Department is responsible for storing and safeguarding evidence, found property, relinquished property, and property for safekeeping. The Property and Evidence Unit assists in processing major crime scenes including the gathering, processing, storage, and retrieval of evidence. The Unit facilitates requests for film processing, fingerprinting of items, arranging for viewing of the property, and maintenance of records relating to the property.

How to Claim Property in Custody of Police Department

Releases are made by appointment only. The Owner or Finder must present photo identification and comply with one of the following:

  1. Property in Custody form, listing the claimant as owner or finder of the property.
  2. Sufficient description of the property to establish with reasonable certainty that the person claiming the property is the owner.

If the claimant does not claim to be the owner or finder at the time the property was placed in Police Department possession but claims to be the transferee of the property from the owner or finder, in addition to producing a photo identification and either (A) property in customer form or (B) sufficient description, the claimant must either produce a notarized statement from the owner or finder of the property granting authority to receive the property, or the owner or finder must provide sufficient verbal or adequate written authorization that, in the opinion of the Police Department, constitutes evidence of a valid transfer from the owner or finder to the claimant.

Evidence & Stolen Property

All property is taken in by the Oregon City Police Department as evidence or as the stolen property will be held until either:

  1. Order of the trial court for release of the evidence (see ORS 133.633 - 133.663), OR
  2. More than 90 days following the conclusion of all criminal actions or investigations (if no criminal case is filed) related to the seizure of the evidence or receipt of the stolen property and the property remains unclaimed.

Per state law, found property is held for 90 days and then disposed of or sent to auction. Unclaimed property is deemed abandoned property and will also be disposed of or auctioned according to state law. The Oregon City Property Unit auctions property via the Property Room website.

Release of property is by appointment only. Please call the Property Officer at 503-905-3503 to make an appointment or for any general property questions.